Vincentian students  complete 3-month internship at luxury resort in Barbados
March 22, 2013
Vincentian students complete 3-month internship at luxury resort in Barbados

After returning last Saturday from a three-month internship at a four-diamond resort in Barbados, 13 students from the Community College are confident that they will return to the resort as full members of staff.{{more}}

The students, from the departments of Culinary Arts and Hospitality Studies of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education, began their internship at The Crane Residential Resort in St Phillip, Barbados, in December.

Dean of the Division of Technical and Vocational Education Osborne Bowens expressed gratitude to The Crane Resort for extending such an offer and disclosed that it was the first time that students have done internships outside of St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“We thought that if these students were to go outside of St Vincent and the Grenadines, and be able to get the experience of a four-diamond, all-inclusive hotel…the experience there and the impact that it would make on them…they would add value to whatever industry or area of service that they would get into,” he said.

The Dean said the students were exposed to all areas of the hotel services and added that with the experience that they have gained, he is positive that they will excel in the future, and impact St Vincent greatly, especially in the tourism sector.

Edson Davis, from the department of Culinary Arts, stated that he has many things to be proud of, because of his internship in Barbados.

“I am not a fan of carrying drinks, but I overcame that, due to my experience in Barbados,” Davis said. “I can now carry a tray full of drinks and serve a table.”

The student, who also said that his knife skills have improved significantly, explained that he also learned to be quick on his feet.

“I am fast now. Remember you have 20 guests outside waiting. You have to get that food out as fast as you can,” he explained.

Although spending Christmas, New Year’s Day and her birthday away from her family, Candace Black had no negative reports of her time spent at the resort.

The student from the department of Hospitality Studies stated that it was an amazing experience and commended the training that they received from their teachers in St Vincent.

“The stuff that they teach you at College is what you’re going to be taught at the resort,” she said. “So, when we were going through the training process, every question they asked us, we could answer.”

Black stated that with an opportunity like the one given to her, it allows one to experience the industry first-hand and see if that is the field you wish to pursue.

“You have to deal with a lot of customers at the same time; you’re dealing with everything and you have to keep your head on. Remember to smile, remember to be disciplined,” she said.

Criscione Morgan encouraged persons who wanted to have a similar experience to be focused and take in everything that they are being taught.

“Our experience at The Crane was an eye-opening and wonderful one. It made me appreciate the programme that I’m doing and it has given me a drive to make the college better and to make service in St Vincent and the Grenadines better,” the Culinary Arts student said.

The Dean acknowledged that the exercise was an expensive venture and expressed thanks to individuals, the Ministry of Tourism and the Tourism Authority, who funded parts of the trip.

Shamika Barker, Kemisha Joseph and Kesley Joseph are the other students who represented the department of Culinary Arts.

Aimee Dunn, Kamal Gellizeau, Kenese Williams, Karielle Edwards, Alesia Malcolm, Daileah Douglas and Fiona McDonald represented the department of Hospitality Studies.

The Crane Residential Resort is a 230 room, four-diamond resort, with four restaurants, a retail village, spa and many more services.(BK)