23-year-old shot over schoolgirl
March 19, 2013
23-year-old shot over schoolgirl

For Enrico Jack, fighting over a girl was never an option. However, sticking to his belief has left him nursing a gunshot wound to the left side of his chest, just inches away from his heart.{{more}}

The 23-year-old labourer of Campden Park was shot by another young man, using a .22 revolver, on the evening of Monday, March 11, while Jack was visiting the Murray’s Village area.

Jack is said to have been in the area visiting his girlfriend, who is apparently the ex-girlfriend of the individual who allegedly shot him.

The young lady in question is said to be a student of a secondary school in Kingstown.

Speaking to SEARCHLIGHT from the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital last Friday, Jack explained that he was standing outside a shop with an acquaintaince, when the shooter approached him.

He explained that before the shooting incident, the two had never had any face to face altercation, but he was aware that the individual was “upset” because Jack was dating the young lady.

“Me and that man never get into no kind of argument or nothing. I pass he so much times going up there by her, but he never try nothing then…

“But the Mr Man must be vex because he lose he girl and a next man come from another village and take he girl. He dey pon girl war, but me ain’t into that. Me ain’t fighting for no girl or go shoot up nobody for losing a girl. Them things happen.

“If is a girl war, I done lose …,” Jack said with a shy smile.

Jack said he has already given the police a statement and is seeking justice for the “cowardly” act.

“I could have retaliated… But that would just make me look like I going back on my word. I not fighting nor getting in no legal worries for no man’s stupid actions. I will just play it cool and let the police deal with the matter,” Jack further stated.

Jack was released from the MCMH on Friday afternoon.

According to the Police Public Relations office, no one has been arrested in the matter and investigations are ongoing.(AA)