Woman wins new Blackberry Curve, free data from LIME
March 8, 2013
Woman wins new Blackberry Curve, free data from LIME

February 27 was a special day for Affisha Edwards, as on that day she collected a brand new Blackberry handset with one year free Blackberry service, compliments LIME.{{more}}

Affisha was a participant in the LIME Talk Is King promotional hour on Hot 97 radio station, led by Shanubi.

“I was so excited when I got the call yesterday, I could not even talk,” said an excited Affisha.

“You know how long I wanted a LIME phone?” continued Affisha, “so I am definitely happy with this win and would be keeping it for myself.”

Edwards further said that her whole family uses LIME and now she can join them in style.

Several daily winners emerged from this LIME promotion and they were awarded with FREE credit, but only one person got the coveted new Blackberry Curve handset with FREE data.

This promotion was as a result of a publication from the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC) in SEARCHLIGHT on October 19, 2012, which confirmed that in almost every category, LIME calling rates are lower than the competitor’s.

“Every day customers are recognising the savings they get when they make calls from their LIME phones compared to others. We continue to provide our customers with exceptional service for great value. That’s why LIME talk is KING,” said LIME’s marketing manager Nikala Williams.