March 8, 2013
House of Hope Society reaches out to those in need

The House of Hope Society recently completed six weeks of home-based care for 12 persons in need of care and assistance in St Vincent.{{more}}

A release from the organization said they, with the assistance of the Caribbean HIV/AIDS Alliance and 16 volunteers, visited 12 persons every week to offer care, support, and counselling for the client and their caregiver.

“To achieve the objectives of the programme, House of Hope volunteers made weekly visits to 12 selected clients where they provided basic care, spiritual guidance and counselling.

“Two volunteers went into a home to provide basic care such as bathing, personal hygiene assistance, meal preparation, counseling, praying, and whatever is needed by the client. Volunteers also worked with the caregivers in providing emotional and spiritual support and offering guidance in providing care for loved ones. Additionally, food and medical supply packages were given to the selected clients on a monthly basis. This helped to ensure that the clients and caregivers had the necessary resources to provide care and personal well-being,” a release from the House of Hope said.

Additionally, the House of Hope Society conducted two sets of training to 25 volunteers in 2012.

“The training focused on home-based care practices, caring for bed-ridden clients, and counselling. The House of Hope also conducted on-site training for the volunteers and caregivers on proper nutrition and cooking with care packages. Clients were also encouraged to live healthy lifestyles and utilize local foods to ensure a healthy diet for little cost,” the release said.

The House of Hope Society was established in 1999 with the main aim of offering hospice and home-based care to terminally ill persons and those in need of assistance; offering care, spiritual guidance, medication, and counselling so that persons can spend their last days comfortable with dignity and die peacefully.

If anyone is interested at volunteering, receiving assistance, or donating, please contact the House of Hope Society at 485-6885 or