March 8, 2013
Grieving mother questions judicial system

Four years after her 14-year-old son was killed, Karla Dennie says that she still questions the judicial system.{{more}}

Dennie expressed her dismay on learning that the man responsible for taking the life of her son, David Glenn, on March, 4 2009, had completed his sentence and was once again a free man.

Romano Hunte, then 21 of Ashburton, was sentenced to six years imprisonment in 2010 for killing Glenn.

He was initially charged with murder, but pleaded guilty to the lesser charge of manslaughter.

Glenn, then a second former at the West St George Secondary School was sitting at the roadside awaiting a minibus sometime around 3:45 on the day he died.

As the youth attempted to board a minibus in which Hunte was already a passenger, Hunte came out and held onto the schoolboy, stabbing him in the left side of his chest.

The grieving mother told SEARCHLIGHT she feels that justice has not been served.

She said that the days following the incident have been rough, and after receiving the news that Hunte had been released, it has been too much for her.

“De event had me down, and now this past Saturday, I got a call that the guy released,” Dennie said.

“From since Saturday I hear he come out and is like me whole body tun cold,” she continued.

Her woes began with the sentencing, as she said that she believes that Hunte’s sentence did not reflect the severity of the crime.

She was of the opinion that the court system is too lenient on offenders and upon their release, they continue to commit offenses.

“Is ah thing on my mind all de time,” Dennie said.

At the time of his trial, Hunte’s social inquiry report indicated that Hunte was apologetic and indicated that once he gained his freedom, he would go to church more often and pray for forgiveness. (DD)