Courts partners with the Ministry of Health to repair 3 clinics in SVG
March 8, 2013
Courts partners with the Ministry of Health to repair 3 clinics in SVG

Three clinics in St Vincent and the Grenadines will benefit this month, as Courts St Vincent Ltd partners with the Ministry of Health to fund much needed repairs to the institutions.{{more}}

Senior marketing manager of Courts Alexis John said his company embarks on yearly projects and this year, they wanted to do something that surpassed their project last year.

“We decided that we needed to reach out to a very important sector when it comes to our country’s development – health,” John said.

John mentioned that through research, it was evident that many clinics across the country were in need of repairs.

With a budget of approximately EC$60,000, the marketing manager disclosed that the clinics in Mayreau, Chateaubelair and South Rivers will receive a much needed facelift.

The Buildings, Roads and General Services Authority (BRAGSA) will also be a part of this project, as the entity in charge of carrying out the repairs.

Lesron Jacobs, an engineer at BRAGSA, gave an estimate for each clinic and said that although the budget may not sound like much, it will go a long way in updating the facilities.

“Across three health centres, we want to focus on the critical areas,” Jacobs said.

The engineer explained that the clinic on the Grenadine island of Mayreau will have its shingle roof replaced with galvanize; a proper set up for rainwater harvesting will be put in place; and the building will also receive a fresh coat of paint.

Jacob estimated this cost at EC$24,000.

The health facility in South Rivers will also have minor repairs done to the roof and ceiling. The clinic will be retiled and receive a fresh coat of paint. Chateaubelair’s clinic will have interior repairs done for counters and cupboards, as well as painting of interior and exterior walls.

Jacob said that the work at South Rivers and Chateaubelair would cost approximately EC$15,000 each, excluding contingencies.

Clayton Burgin, the Minister of Health, Wellness and Environment, expressed his excitement and sincere appreciation to Courts on behalf of the ministry and beneficiaries, for their generous donation.

“We are always happy to have corporate societies, corporate institutions in the private sector, public sector assisting Government in the various areas of development,” Burgin said.

Additionally, the minister explained that he considers any contribution that is given to the ministry as significant, no matter how small, because it will aid in alleviating some of the suffering and difficulties faced by individuals.

Jacobs gave the assurance that work will begin on all clinics before March 31.