‘Eternal Failures’ are the dog that is wagging the NDP tail – Gonsalves
February 15, 2013

‘Eternal Failures’ are the dog that is wagging the NDP tail – Gonsalves

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves believes that Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace was forced to change his stance on the Building and Loan Association.{{more}}

The prime minister, speaking at a press conference on Tuesday, one day after a similar media briefing by the opposition New Democratic Party (NDP), said that Eustace’s present position was in marked contrast to earlier statements, and the new position had been influenced by others.

“He started first by being responsible; then when he got a little heat by some of his rabble, including those on the Net, because you have some “accomplished failures” who sit down in cold and warm countries in front of their computers.

“In fact, ‘eternal failures’ who have nothing else to do, but to try to create mischief, and they are the dog that is wagging the NDP tail.

“They call they self a leader, and that is why his position yesterday was in marked contrast to the responsible position first.

“His first position: ‘do not take out your money’, now ‘take out yo money if you want,’ you notice the marked shifting tone?”

The Prime minister called the move “an act of desperation” by the NDP, who were prepared to let the Association go under, in an effort to take political office, and that he was “not going to allow that type of irresponsibility to go.

“…And citizens, you will have to make judgments about persons who may want to sacrifice an institution like Building and Loan…. They will fail, because Building and Loan is going to be strong, and it will survive and thrive, that I have absolutely no doubt,” he stated.(JJ)