Marina will be drawing card for sailors worldwide – CCA head
February 12, 2013
Marina will be drawing card for sailors worldwide – CCA head

When the US$45 million marina at Canouan is completed, it is expected to draw sailors of all persuasions from around the world, to a dock with one of the most unique features in the world.{{more}}

Elena Korech, general manager of CCA, told local media last Friday that the marina, located at the western end of the Grenadine island of Canouan, is expected to capture super yacht owners and hardcore sailors, who navigate the Caribbean waters in search of great sailing waters, which are in abundance around St Vincent and the Grenadines.

She said that the location of the marina is a major plus for the project.

“The marina obviously has a synergy with the airport. Because the airport is so close, that you are literally within two minutes walking distance away from the airport.

Expected to be completed at the end of the year, and fully operational by Christmas 2014, Korech explained that the marina is expected to hold up to 110 boats of various sizes, with the ability to facilitate more.

“The marina is catering for big boats, as well as for small boats…. We have about 10 berths for boats over 40 metres and actually we have one position for boats that is going to be over 100 m long and three positions for boats between 50 and 80 metres…. If you don’t have a 100 metre yacht, you can hold three or four super yachts still.”

Korech also said that great consideration was given to the island’s natural environment, while plans for the marina were being laid.

“Because we wanted to make absolutely sure that the beach on the south of Canouan is protected, we did the sediment transportation study that showed how the breakwaters are not going to impact the beach, and also we did two studies with regard to the water quality within the marina, that shows that first of all, there is going to be an exchange of water in the marina basin within 24 hours.

“All of the marina is going to be equipped with waste water treatment facilities, so whatever comes from the yachts will be pumped directly ashore, and it’s going to be treated there, so you can ensure that nothing is going to be leaked into the water.

“For us, the jewels of Canouan are the beaches and the water, and the quality of the island, and those are the things that we would not want to damage or to spoil.”

The marina will also consist of a commercial area, housing shops, restaurants and a crew lounge, among other amenities.

18 villa lots will also be a part of the facility.

Korech said that facilities for the boats’ crews would be an incentive, since they tend to create a tie with the island, and would come back or even refer others to the island.

“We have also tried to make the marina as open as possible, but keeping the privacy for super yacht owners, so that for example, the docks at the super yacht area are at two different levels, and direct access to the super yacht is not allowed, but you still can have a nice walk and see the boats from the upper level.

“I hope that this project is going to be the one that is going to encourage all of the yachting business, not only the small sail charter, because we have so much to give.”(JJ)