Bishop’s College Kingstown 2013 Young Leaders launched
February 12, 2013
Bishop’s College Kingstown 2013 Young Leaders launched

The 2013 Young Leaders programme of the Bishop’s College Kingstown was launched last Friday, with much vigour, under the sub-theme, “Change today, Live tomorrow, Lead the future”.{{more}}

Ashale Latchman, president of the group, addressed the school body, saying that before they as youths can lead in the future, they must first change their attitudes towards school work, and the way in which they conduct themselves.

“No leader is born overnight,” Latchman said. “It is first a conscious decision to effect change into our own lives and to be exemplary”.

Latchman also unveiled the plan that the 2013 BCK Young Leaders are embarking upon.

She highlighted that the plan is to set up a youth friendly space at the school and online where “students who are socially and academically deficient” can be mentored.

The president added that while people are born with natural, God-given talents, without consistent practice or drive to be an example, there can be no development of leadership.

“We, the Bishop’s College Kingstown Young Leaders, are adamant that we impress upon our youths of our school…to start redefining yourselves, to be the change today, so that you can lead our future into a brighter future tomorrow,” Latchman said passionately.

Guest speaker Nichola Joslyn-Evans also had similar words of encouragement for the students.

“If you are not willing to embrace change, you are not ready to lead,” Evans told the students.

Punctuating her speech with quotations from President Barack Obama and C.S. Lewis, Evans told the school body that their change will only be measured by the effect they have on those around them.

She further advised that if they are to be the leaders of the future, they must continually evaluate their actions and make the necessary improvements.

“You are a leader, you are the leader,” Evans stressed.

Michael Jackson’s “Heal the World” will serve as the BCK Young Leaders’ theme song, which they sang lustily after unveiling their banner.(BK)