February 1, 2013
One lucky Digicel customer to win EC$100,000 next week

A lucky Digicel customer will soon be EC$100,000 richer.

The money will come during the grand finale of Digicel’s 2012 Christmas promotion dubbed “Share a Smile this Christmas”.{{more}}

“One customer will win EC$100,000 next week, as the promotion which ended on Thursday, January 31st wraps up”, said marketing executive at Digicel Justin John.

He said that persons were entered for a chance to win the money when they topped up EC$15 or more, paid their postpaid bill in full and on time or sent a text reading ‘SMILE’ to 2434.

“Persons who did those things are eligible to receive a call on Monday, February 4th”, said John.

He added that the winner will receive a cheque for EC$100,000 but EC$50, 000 of the money must be shared with a friend or friends or a family member or family members, “as the promotion involves sharing a smile”.

In other words the lucky winner will get EC$100,000, but must share EC$50,000 of that money with either one person or split it between a group of persons close to them.

During the life of the promotion which began on November 16, 2012, a huge number of weekly prizes were handed out. These prizes included televisions, handsets, an exercise machine and a surround sound system.