February 1, 2013

LIME back on court with netball after a six-year absence

After a six-year absence from the sport of netball, telecommunications provider LIME is returning to the sport it guided when it was facing very turbulent times.A release from LIME states that the company has confirmed its intent to once again partner with the Netball Association in an effort to help the sport back to the pinnacle of its glory days{{more}}, when LIME’s forerunner, Cable and Wireless, helped make netball the number one sport in the country.

“It is no secret that netball has positively impacted the lives of many young women in this country,” General Manager of LIME Leslie Jack said.

“Netball was once the symbol of national pride, as women were able to avail themselves of the opportunity to be true ambassadors of the nation throughout the world. The level of cultural ‘bling’ associated with this sport is still alive in the country and LIME is more than willing to support the netball association’s bid to revolutionize the sport and restore it to the glory days.”

According to Jack, LIME has committed itself not only to sponsoring the national netball tournament, but to partner with the Netball Association to ensure that netball continues to impact the lives of the young women in St Vincent and the Grenadines.

“We cannot allow netball to fail and it is about time businesses follow LIME’s example to sporting organisations, not only with money for sponsorship, but take an interest in the development of the sport. We in the business community have the expertise that sits within our businesses that can provide legitimate support to help with the longevity and development of sport. Netball has contributed too much to the general livelihood of Vincentian women for us to allow this sport to fail,” Jack said.

“LIME has not simply agreed to a dollar sponsorship, but we are working with the association to develop a comprehensive plan that seeks to support developing holistic women in our society through netball. The sport has developed many role models for us to emulate and there is no reason for this to change today.”

The LIME National Netball Competition is set to begin in early March.