Large livestock export worries former minister
January 29, 2013
Large livestock export worries former minister

Former minister of Agriculture Alan Cruickshank said he is concerned about the large numbers of the livestock leaving the country.{{more}}

Cruickshank, in a call to the New Democratic Party sponsored “New Times” programme on Nice Radio yesterday, spoke of his concern in seeing what he said was unusually high numbers of livestock being transported on trucks.

The livestock Cruickshank spoke of were most likely among the 84 head of cattle exported to Grenada yesterday morning.

Cruickshank, a former minister under the NDP, said that when he saw the large number of animals being moved, he originally thought a local farmer was relocating his cattle.

He, however, said a little investigation revealed that the animals were being taken to Port Kingstown for export to Grenada.

“I don’t have all the details, but I am concerned,” Cruickshank said.

He said he knows that there is good quality livestock and mentioned the livestock multiplication farm at Orange Hill, which was set up under his watch to improve the quality of livestock on the island.

“And I am concerned whether it is done privately or what,” the former minister said.

“That quantity I saw, if it is going to Grenada, that is going to cause depletion in our stock here and we already have problems with bananas and other areas in agriculture,” he said.

The former minister of agriculture said that he believes that livestock need to be constantly monitored.

“There was a time when we used to export animals and we never had to look over our shoulder, because we had it — we had sufficient animal supply — but I am concerned that we need to protect what we have what we have here a little more and improve our stock and even add to it,” he said.

Meanwhile, Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Agriculture Raymond Ryan has also expressed concern about the number of animals exported.

Ryan said the shipment of cattle to Grenada constitutes 10 per cent of the local cattle population. (DD)