CWSA assists Cuba to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy’s impact
January 29, 2013

CWSA assists Cuba to rebuild after Hurricane Sandy’s impact

The Central Water and Sewerage Authority (CWSA), in an effort to assist Cuba following the passing of Hurricane Sandy, has donated $5,000, which was handed over to Cuban Ambassador Pablo Rodriguez.{{more}}

Chair of the board of the CWSA Michael Browne, presented ambassador Rodriguez with a cheque in that amount Friday, during a short but symbolic ceremony at the company’s headquarters at Montrose.

Browne said the CWSA was pleased to make the donation to Cuba.

“It is indeed an honour for me to be able, on behalf of CWSA, to make a small contribution to the recovery efforts of Cuba, following fairly recent impact of Hurricane Sandy…

“We felt that from the level of the board, we should make a contribution, in keeping with the rest of the society,” Browne said.

Rodriguez, upon accepting the donation, said Hurricane Sandy, which killed 11 people in Cuba in late October, was one of the biggest storms to have affected the country, destroying thousands of homes.

“I want to thank all of you because, of course, Cuba helps St Vincent in many ways, but this is not a modest amount as you call it in the letter.

“This amount is a thought from the heart and I want to thank you very much,” Rodriquez said.

In Santiago, where Sandy struck Cuba from the south, it was reported that 132,733 homes, apartments and other buildings were damaged. Of those 15,322 were considered totally destroyed. Over 43,000 of the homes lost part or all of the roofs. (AA)