Vincy teen dies in US hospital 15 days after birth of twins
January 25, 2013
Vincy teen dies in US hospital 15 days after birth of twins

Tue, Jan 25, 2013

by Sally-Ann Cuffy in the United States

The family of a Layou teen are seeking legal advice, following the death of their relative, a few days after the young woman gave birth to twins in the United States.{{more}}

19-year-old Terisha Aleisha John, a US citizen, travelled from St Vincent to Connecticut, USA, on September 11 last year, to give birth to the babies, relatives told SEARCHLIGHT.

On Christmas Eve, Terisha gave birth by Caesarian section to a girl and a boy at the W. William Backus Hospital, located at 315 Washington Street in Norwich, Connecticut.

She named the girl Tiara and the boy Treyvonne.

After spending just two days in hospital, Terisha was discharged on December 26.

Donna John, Terisha’s mother, said that Terisha was given medication to help ease the pain that she would feel after giving birth.

Alana John, Terisha’s sister-in-law, said that on Thursday, December 28, sometime between 6 and 7 p.m., Terisha told her that she was in pain and had difficulty breathing.

Alana called 911, and Terisha was taken back to W. William Backus Hospital, where she collapsed.

The sister-in-law stated that she was told by doctors that Terisha had fluid in her lungs and would have to be transferred to another medical facility.

In the wee hours of Saturday, December 30, Terisha was taken to Yale New Haven Hospital, also located Connecticut.

Upon arrival at Yale, a distraught Alana and her family were told that Terisha was 80 per cent brain dead and had to be placed on life support.

After learning of her daughter’s condition, Donna John of Layou and Terisha’s fiancé Anthony Edwards travelled to Barbados to seek US Non-Immigrant Visas to travel to the US, but both of them were denied.

“They say I have to come immediately,” Donna told SEARCHLIGHT.

“They sent a message for me and the father of the children to come.”

Kanhai John, Terisha’s brother stated that after the visas were not granted, his mother, in a telephone conversation with doctors, gave permission to take Terisha off life support.

Terisha died on January 9.

Donna said that, at first, she told the doctors not to take Terisha off life support; however, after seeking a second opinion, she agreed.

Kanhai added that prior to the decision to take his sister off life support, the family was asked by medical officials to give permission for his sister’s organs to be donated, but the family vehemently objected.

“I do not support that,” Donna said. “I tell them never!”

Kanhai also stated that since Donna’s death, several attempts were made to get his sister’s medical records from W. William Backus Hospital, but the hospital is not forthcoming.

He said the family is seeking legal advice about how to move forward.

According to Kanhai, custody for the children has been granted to their grandmother Donna, and their father, Anthony Edwards, here in SVG.

Additionally, Donna indicated that child services here in St Vincent are working along with those in the United States to ensure that her home is suitable for her grandchildren.

She said that they visited on Tuesday and are now working to have the twins come to St Vincent as soon as possible.

When asked how he would best remember his sister, Kanhai stated that Terisha was very fun-loving and caring and that they had a great relationship.

“My sister was the only person my eight-month-old daughter will go to,” he said tearfully. “It hurts deeply to know that my sister is gone…”

Donna also expressed her sadness and said “I really miss my daughter.”

Terisha’s funeral is scheduled to take place in St Vincent at the Layou Miracle Church on January 27.