St Martin’s Secondary School  receives windows from Karib Cable
January 25, 2013

St Martin’s Secondary School receives windows from Karib Cable

The St Martin’s Secondary School this week received assistance from Karib Cable with the renovation of the school.{{more}}

On Tuesday, Karib Cable, SVG’s only triple-play provider of Premium Cable TV, Fibre Optic Internet and Fixed Line Telephone services, made a donation of windows to the learning institution, as the school continues refurbishing its building.

“We, the staff and pupils of the St Martins Secondary School, are thankful for the generosity shown by Karib Cable,” said Nerieus Aguiste, the principal.

“These new windows will be used to replace the ones that are damaged and we are blessed to have another significant contribution by Karib Cable. Karib Cable has demonstrated its willingness to support and advance the cause of education through corporate giving,” he said.

Aguiste added that the initiative will not only benefit the students of the institution, but the parents and the staff also, as they work to enhance the school building.

“It gives me and the team at Karib Cable great pleasure to see the school’s renovations progressing. The school looks much better since we donated paint and labour a few months ago. Now with the update and installation of the windows Karib Cable donated, the school and students are really benefiting from the improvements,” said Ed Riley, Karib Cable’s general manager.

Meanwhile, Karib Cable has announced the launch of its “Pay & Win” campaign, where customers who update their account will have an opportunity to win weekly prizes, plus get a chance to be entered into grand final drawing where they can win a first prize of $1,000, second prize of $500 or third prize of $250 cash.