SVG ranks in Digital Detox category of Wellness travel trends – 2013
January 22, 2013
SVG ranks in Digital Detox category of Wellness travel trends – 2013

The “Top 10 Wellness Travel Trends of 2013” report features St Vincent and the Grenadines under the Digital Detox category, number three on the list of other trends.{{more}}

SVG made the list for offering a pre-mailed guidebook on how to function without technology on a trip and an onsite life coach to support digital detox.

The report says digital detoxing is designed to clear one’s systems to be more vibrant and healthy by providing a break from mobile devices and creating a way that enables more rest and productivity.

Natasha Anderson, the marketing officer for the European market, commented on the feature, saying that she believes it was a result of a campaign that was held in St Vincent last year, which addressed the letting go of the modern ailments of technology.

Anderson highlighted that foreigners are often seeking a get away from the hustle and bustle of their metropolitan areas.

“While we are not in the dark ages, we are not a complete metropolitan area … we are capitalizing on something different,” the marketing manager said.

She pointed out that digital detoxing is something that none of the competitors are doing, which makes it an asset to SVG’s tourism.

Young Island and Petit St Vincent are two of the resorts that practice digital detoxing, where there are rooms that do not include television sets.

Anderson explained that it is not something that all resorts can offer due to their close proximity to noise and distractions of technology.

She also mentioned that the guidebook is not readily available online.

However, individuals can request it through the Ministry of Tourism’s international offices if they are interested.

St Vincent and the Grenadines was listed among other countries such as Mexico and Costa Rica, where yoga retreats are hosted by Viia Yoga and discounts are offered to anyone willing to give up their iPhone.

“Wellness Takes Flight” is the number one wellness trend while “Health Focused Hotels” come in second.

Other wellness trends include “Reconnecting through Nature”, “Sleep at the forefront”, “Spiritual Seekers” and “Indigenous Healing Experiences”.

“Rewarding with Wellness Travel”, “Celebrity instructor Retreats” and “Intergenerational Family Holiday” also makes the list of trends.