Activist criticizes NDP for  ‘effortless action’ towards Save Nice Radio appeal
January 18, 2013

Activist criticizes NDP for ‘effortless action’ towards Save Nice Radio appeal

Social activist Junior Bacchus has criticized the leadership of the New Democratic Party (NDP) for what he describes as “effortless action” on their behalf, towards the save Nice Radio appeal.{{more}}

The appeal was initiated in October last year by Bacchus and lawyer Kay Bacchus-Browne, following a 2009 court judgement that awarded Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves $250,000 in damages because of comments broadcast on NICE Radio eight years ago, by Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch, host of the New Democratic Party sponsored “New Times” programme.

Lynch’s comments were broadcast on the station eight years ago.

“Personally, I am disappointed in the NDP as a party has not taken on a more active role in helping to co-ordinate some of the functions for raising the funds,” Bacchus told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday.

“It is my belief that more of the leadership of the party should do more… I can’t see a party not being able to convince its vast membership to co-ordinate an activity that will bring a result. I can’t see why they can’t do that,” he added.

Bacchus, however, reported that to date the appeal has raised EC$138,000.

The most recent contribution came from New York where a raffle was held and a sum of EC$8,000 was raised from the event.

Although satisfied with the progress made thus far towards the contributions within the short space of time, Bacchus said plans are to continue with the fund-raising events, but in a more organized fashion.

“What has happened is that there has been a decline in the pledges and donations during the latter part of last year,” he revealed.

Some of the planned fund-raising events for this year include a Valentine’s concert to be held in St Vincent during the month of February, as well as a barbecue to be held in Brooklyn on May 26.(AA)