January 8, 2013

Glen Baptist Church hosts missionary teams

The Glen Baptist Church will this year celebrate 30 years of ministry, under the theme: “Embracing a Spirit of Excellence.”{{more}}

As part of the celebrations, the church will host several missionary teams from the USA, which will include a medical team.

A release from the church said the first team will arrive today, January 8, and will be led by one of the former prosecutors in the late Dr Martin Luther King’s case, Dr Billy Gray. He will be accompanied by three distinguished business-men who have all owned and successfully operated businesses.

While here, the team will be engaged in ministry at three schools and at Her Majesty’s Prison. Home visits will be paid and special Believer’s Enrichment services will be held at the church.

“The Glen Baptist Church takes this opportunity to extend to the Government and people of St Vincent and the Grenadines a blessed and Christ-centered 2013, and encourages everyone to embrace a spirit of excellence,” the release said.