Female realtor to launch Bijou Real Estate
January 8, 2013

Female realtor to launch Bijou Real Estate

Realtor Sharleen Greaves is promising the best experience when buying or selling real estate.{{more}}

She further says she is willing and able to go the extra mile to ensure customer satisfaction.

Greaves is preparing to launch Bijou Real Estate officially.

She told SEARCHLIGHT she is ready to let more persons experience the quality service that satisfied customers have had for the past three years.

“Bijou Real Estate has been established to provide you with the assistance that would lead you to realizing your dream of purchasing or renting that special home, or getting the price that you want when selling or renting,” Greaves told SEARCHLIGHT.

“That step by step follow-through, with professional yet personal interaction on a one-to-one basis, that enhances your chances of turning your dream into reality, is what Bijou is about.”

With 10 years of realty experience, Greaves admitted that, as with any other business, the real estate industry has been hit by the economic downturn.

This does not, however, prevent Bijou Real Estate from doing its best to provide the top dollar for its clients.

“Sales are not as they were a couple years ago … However, there are a lot more people interested in purchasing. But because of how the economy is and real estate is not being regulated here, the prices are high. So then people can’t afford what is available.

“That’s where we have to negotiate and find a way between what the client is selling, what they are asking for, and what the purchaser has to spend. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn’t and that’s what negotiation is for. And me being the person doing that, it helps,” she said.

Greaves said that although her profession is usually considered a man’s job, she is happy with what she does and urged potential clients to take advantage of her services, which include property listings, commercial and residential land sales and rental and property management.

“I am also getting into providing management services for construction if you are overseas and you want someone who will oversee the construction for your house.

“I also work along with valuators, surveyors and contractors,” she further said.