Vincentian tops law  faculty at British University
December 28, 2012

Vincentian tops law faculty at British University

A Vincentian student who entered the University of East London (UEL) in September 2009, graduated on November 29, 2012, obtaining a Bachelor of Laws with first class Honours.{{more}}

Dalana Horne graduated at the top of the law Faculty as the best overall fulltime law student.

Horne attributes her success to the providence, grace and keeping power of God. She said “At times, I felt like giving up; I really didn’t think I would finish the degree. The challenges of settling in the first year, coupled with assignment deadlines, family tragedies, financial burdens, and personal mishaps seemed insurmountable, but God, true to His Word, did exceeding abundantly above all I could have ever asked or imagined”.

Horne’s achievements spanned the entire three years of her studies. In the first academic year, 2009/10, she received an academic achievement award and became the first international student to be awarded a Going Global bursary study trip to Brussels and Luxembourg from the University. During this trip, she attended sessions at the Council of Ministers of the European Union, the Commission of the European Union and the European Court of Justice.

In 2010/11 she was the recipient of the Vice Chancellor’s award and received the Oxford University Press Law prize; this provided her with all her law text-books for the 2011/12 academic year.

At the first awards ceremony for law students who have achieved the National Association of Licensed Paralegals (NALP) diploma held on November 27, 2012, Horne received the award for the best student in Civil and Criminal Litigation.

Horne explained that the experience was not just about academics, but the extracurricular activities she was involved in provided excellent networking opportunities and also served as good stress relievers. As a Student Ambassador she regularly delivered talks to various secondary schools and colleges in the East London area. Her most recent being in 2011 when she delivered a career talk to a group of Year Ten students at the Link Laters Law Firm in London. She was also a student advisor at the UEL’s Legal Advice Centre.

At the opening of the new school term in September 2012, Horne was invited by the University to speak to the students who were entering the University for the first time.

Horne, who is a resident of Lodge Village, attended the Kingstown Preparatory School, the St Joseph’s Convent Kingstown and the SVG Community College. She emphasized the importance of young people being focused and striving to maintain a balanced life style. She advanced that to succeed, young people must believe that they can, and to commit to keep working, never quitting until their dream comes to fruition.

She expresesd gratitute to her parents Dale and Annis Horne, other families and individuals, the staff at UEL and her friends who supported her.

Horne’s intends to continue to enrich the lives of young people, particularly other international students, as she continues to share her experiences and assist in whatever way possible.