St Benedict’s Day Nursery says thanks to Rotary Club of St Vincent
December 28, 2012

St Benedict’s Day Nursery says thanks to Rotary Club of St Vincent

The administrator of the St Benedict’s Day Nursery and Children’s Home has expressed the institution’s gratitude to the Rotary Club of St Vincent, for its support over the years.{{more}}

Sister Nyra Anne Pajotte was particularly thankful for the club’s most recent assistance, acting in trust for funds donated by the Rotary Club of Eglington, Canada.

Speaking at a luncheon hosted by the club recently, Pajotte conveyed gratitude to both clubs for their longstanding commitment to the institution, located in Georgetown.

“Today, I stand here with you, with a joyful heart, knowing that our children are made happy with the assistance of Rotary Club of Eglington. I wish to sincerely express a special thank you to the members of Rotary Club of Ellington, for their kind and generous assistance given to us…

“And I wish to also say a special thanks to you, members of Rotary Club of St Vincent and the Grenadines, for your assistance in the past — and as recent as last year — and today, serving as the liaison for the disbursement of the funds from Rotary Club of Eglington through the kind and efficient dispenser in the person of Mr Basil Alexander.”

Beginning in 2007, the Rotary Club of Eglington assisted in the construction of the new hospital and home, then continued its support with $30,907.25 for the purchase of items for use there.

These include pillows, clothing, freezer stove, fans and utensils, among other items.

“Through the sponsorship of these items towards the care and comfort of many underprivileged children of this island who are under our care, these children … will be happy and comfortable in a “ home, away from home,” Pajotte said.

“You will always be remembered in our prayers offered on behalf of our benefactors. May God continue to bless and reward you for your interest and generosity,” she added. (JJ)