‘Skinny’ opens children’s party store
December 28, 2012
‘Skinny’ opens children’s party store

Entertainer Gamal “Skinny Fabulous” Doyle says that he is now doing it for the children of St Vincent and the Grenadines with the opening of his latest project, “Playtime with Uncle Skinny”, hailed a one-stop party store that caters to everyone’s party supplies.{{more}}

The store is located on Grenville Street, Kingstown, opposite Subway.

It offers banners, party cups, plates, birthday cakes, inflatable pools, bouncing castles, toys and mascots.

And also sold exclusively at Playtime is his line of clothing designed for infants and toddlers.

“The idea for the store came as the next logical step after all that I have done for kids,” Doyle explained.

“So, from Uncle Skinny Part 1 to Uncle Skinny Part 2 to the “Next Big Thing” to the school scholarships, the next logical step to cater to kids is to open a store.”

And why has he chosen to market to children?

Since the birth of his own child, children have now become a daily vision, Doyle explained.

Children also bring joy to adults he reasoned.

“So, if you make the children happy then you would make the adults happy,” and in turn you make the country happy, he said.

He further explained that a number of people have already been asking when will the next Uncle Skinny event be held.

“I figured the things I have at my fair, why not make it available to the public.

“If they are having a birthday party, they can have some of the stuff and invite some of their friends, so they may have their own little Uncle Skinny,” the entertainer said.

The establishment is in its infancy stages, he explained.

However, he said that he will be looking to expand his business so that people can call and they will come to the individual’s home and set up for events.

But in the immediate future, Doyle said that he is “feeling out the people’s needs”.

“I don’t know if there is a market for it, but it’s how far parents are willing to go to make their kids happy,” he said. (DD)