New night club hits Calliaqua
December 21, 2012

New night club hits Calliaqua

The father and son team of Arthur and Andrew DeShong say they are offering nightlife with a difference at an affordable price.{{more}}

Introducing “SOV Restaurant, Lounge and Night Club”, located at Calliaqua, at the premises which formerly housed the likes of Club 40/40.

The team promises that there is something for everyone, whether one opts to come in and watch “Monday Night Raw”, participate in an interactive game on Tuesday, sit back, dine and enjoy some local talent on Wednesday, or shed the frustration from a hard week at the office with “Detox Fridays”.

SOV offers the ideal opportunity to hang out with friends and do something different six days a week.

“Our prices are pretty reasonable, especially by comparison,” Andrew DeShong, partner and general manager of SOV said.

“There are a lot of nice restaurants around, but it can cost and that is something that we have made — a conscious effort to keep cost down,” he continued.

DeShong said it was impossible to get people to come out; there must be an incentive and for SOV, pricing is that incentive.

“And where everybody is crying about the economy also, we have to try and not go under, but at the same time provide a product that the people can afford — if they cannot afford the product, then they are not going to come,” Arthur DeShong chimed in.

SOV boasts having excellent mixologists (bartenders) and staff, Arthur DeShong said.

“Just come and instead of having a beer, try something different and if you really don’t know, tell them to surprise you,” he said.

Regarding music, DeShong said that they are currently looking for contacts to provide live music.

For those looking to party, SOV is furnished with a spacious dance floor with music provided by a live DJ.

Andrew spoke of the initial project, the staging of a competition expected to begin in January 2013 and being opened to vocalists across the country.

There will be a panel of judges, but eventually patrons will get to select their singer of choice.

“We want to make it as interactive as possible — to make it fun, that is what we are looking for,” Andrew said.

Those are just a few of the long-term projects mentioned.

SOV has been opened for business since November 2, but the proprietors said a grand opening is expected next year.

There are already a few faces that keep coming back, but the men say that they expect that it will soon become a part of the local nightlife scene.

The next big event is expected to come off on Old Year’s (New Year’s Eve) night with the event “Finder’s Keepers”.

“It is a masquerade event — all inclusive — and we are going all out with decor, ambience; we are going to have masquerade masks,” Andrew said. (DD)