LIME leaves patrons asking for more of Christmas village
December 21, 2012
LIME leaves patrons asking for more of Christmas village

For the last three Sundays, LIME Christmas village has attracted more and more patrons to its fun, interaction and live entertainment. From the excitement of sitting on Santa’s lap for a photo, to the special moments captured by the Christmas tree, LIME continues to create merry moments for its many customers.{{more}}

Parents line up to take photographs, as Santa entertains their kids and rewards them with candy.

Face painting, cotton candy, candy corn and sweet parang music are all part of the package for kids of all sizes.

The fellows from the Karaoke Grove in Cedars continued to excite the crowd, as more and more persons brave the stage to sing. Persons needed no motivation or incentive to participate. In fact, some were still in line waiting for their chance to sing when the show ended.

“This is so much fun,” said one customer. “I was here last week and I am back with my grandkids. LIME is really doing a great thing here for Vincentians, because not everyone can stay out late to take in the nine mornings activities,” she further said.

“I hope this is something we can look forward to every year,” she added.

Last Sunday, LIME added even more attractions for the kids and families, including some carolling and more karaoke. There was also a live performance from young hip hop artist Wess Pahm. And soca artiste Luta — “The Crowd Motivator” — a LIME employee, had the audience going wild.

Patrons also enjoyed specials on mobile phones, laptops and CANFEST tickets.

This coming Sunday, LIME is promising an even better event as live performances continue, with pannist Rodney Small giving a taste of what is to come at his Steele Expressions concert and the Soca Dans giving the full parang experience.

This Christmas, with each purchase, LIME customers could receive credit back for six months, gift vouchers, free gifts, free data, and much more.