December 21, 2012

CCA Ltd puts water under the Christmas tree

This year under the Christmas tree, the people of Canouan found a new supply of drinking water.{{more}}

In an effort to assist with the water situation on the island, CCA Ltd set up a fountain outside its warehouse, where residents of Canouan can get free drinking water.

This is the first of two facilities that will be made available to the public.

General Manager of CCA Elena Korach cut the ribbon at the launch on Monday.

The facility can produce approximately 2,000 gallons of water per day and the size catchment allows for a five-gallon jug underneath each pipe at a time.

Last week, during the trial period, 6,000 gallons of water were collected from the facility.

These represent the equivalent of 18,000 units of bottled water. As for the other water production units on Canouan, the product is monitored to ensure quality control and hygiene.

CRD has also donated water bottles to its staff at the resort and in CCA, so as to reduce the number of plastic bottles being used on the island.

This, the company said, will contribute to a cleaner, greener environment.

Director of Services Nic Welch, who implemented the water-fountain, said this facility would put dollars in the pockets of Canouan residents.

Meanwhile, Korach added that a second water fountain is to be set up outside the Resort for persons in the Charles Bay area. This stage of the project will be completed in 2013.