Aunty G, Digicel spreading joy to  children of G’town  and surrounding areas
December 21, 2012
Aunty G, Digicel spreading joy to children of G’town and surrounding areas

Digicel this year joined Georgietha “Aunty G” Nanton in her quest to bring joy to the children of Georgetown and surrounding areas.{{more}}

Last Sunday, Aunty G held her sixth annual Aunty G Christmas party, which saw hundreds of kids receiving gifts, as well as taking part in a number of fun events.

Juno DeRoche, marketing manager at Digicel, said her company contributed $2,000 and a number of gifts to the event, which helps to bring a bit of joy to less fortunate children.

“The kids were able to get gifts and it is possible that these gifts that they received on Sunday might be the only gifts they get this Christmas. So this is a very lovely thing that Aunty G is doing for the community,” DeRoche said.

“The attendance was very good and it was very nice to see the children dress up in their Christmas colours which was in our favour, because Christmas colours are Digicel colours,” DeRoche said.

During the Aunty G Christmas party at the Chili Playing Field, Digicel staff also gave exercise books, caps, bags and, among other things, water bottles to the children.

Aunty G runs the Aunty G Charitable Children’s Organization (AGCCO). The event was also treated as a family fun day and saw performances from “Queen B” and, among others, Gideon James.

Aunty G said: “From the time I started this event and began publicizing it, Digicel has really assisted me greatly in making it special.

“This year they gave me a really big boost, because seeing the public knew they were involved with things like credit giveaway, I do believe people came out more.”

She said the event was usually held at her home, but because it has grown so big it had to move to the new venue, “and it was really fun to have it on such a big scale and Digicel was instrumental in making it a big success”.

Kids at the event were treated to bouncing castles, face painting and Santa Claus, while they received free toys, compliments the New York Cultural Group in the United States. Money raised during the event is used for charity.

Aunty G said that this Sunday, again with the help of Digicel, the kids in Sion Hill and surrounding communities would have their Christmas party. It takes place from 2 p.m. at Miguel’s Shop at Sion Hill.