Angel Tree project brings  Christmas cheer to inmates’ children
December 18, 2012
Angel Tree project brings Christmas cheer to inmates’ children

Four days after some of their parents entertained Vincentians at the Talent Behind Bars concert, children of prison inmates will be treated by local organization Prison Fellowship.{{more}}

The third anniversary of the Angel Tree project takes place at the Chebar Evangelical Assembly at Rose Place on Thursday and will see more than 80 children presented with gifts, toys, and food baskets.

Costian Cupid, executive director of the local Prison Fellowship, said the programme helps the children of inmates to feel special around this time, despite the abscence of their mother or father.

“One of our concerns in Prison Fellowship is for these children. They are the unseen victims of crime and are at risk of becoming the next generation of offenders,” Cupid said.

“To break this intergenerational cycle, Prison Fellowship try to bridge the gap between child and parent … by reaching out to these hurting kids with the compassion of Jesus.”

The Angel Tree project was established in St Vincent in 2009 to provide for these children.

Cupid said it has been doing well with its annual Christmas party for the children, which he says he hopes will become a staple on the local Christmas calendar.

Cupid indicated that a number of individuals, local business places and agencies were instrumental in obtaining materials for the youngsters, and made the call for others to come on board for next year.

The organisations that contributed to sourcing materials include the Ministry of National Mobilization, East Caribbean Group of Companies, VINLEC, Courts St Vincent Ltd, SVG Tyres, LIME and Jax.

“We want to give thanks to all those who participated in giving gifts or monetary donations, and for the continued support of the ministry.

“To know that you have brought a smile to a child’s face this Christmas to show that you still care, and that the love of God still dwells among you.” (JJ)