December 7, 2012
Stone crushing plant installed at Argyle international airport site

The stone crushing plant has been installed at the Argyle international airport construction site and should become operational this month.{{more}}

Dr Rudy Matthias, chief executive officer of the Argyle International Airport Development Company (IADC), further said on Monday that all lighting equipment has been bought and installation is scheduled to begin in January.

He said base-laying equipment, received about five months ago, has been used to assist in the earthworks.

He was speaking at a ceremony in Kingstown where the Government and the CARICOM Development Fund signed an agreement for an EC$8.8 million loan.

The CEO further pointed out that the crushing plant, lighting, and base-laying equipment had been bought with US$4.2 million from the CDF in May 2011.

Matthias further stated that a substantial part of the airport is finished, saying the earthworks and “beautiful” terminal building were 82 and 42 per cent complete, respectively.

“If you don’t believe me, you should take a trip out there,” he said. “I’m sure you would see most of the runway — about three quarters of the runway — is at a level now that we can start doing actual paving works.”

Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves, who also attended the signing ceremony, said Glen Beache, head of the Tourism Authority, is leading the thrust to engage airlines and companies to come to St Vincent when the EC$652 million airport is finished and officially opened.

Additionally, airport management is being discussed and Gonsalves tagged next year as “critical in fundamental respects”.

Matthias emphasized that all plans are on schedule and that physical facilities should be completed by the end of 2013, paving the way for the airport’s opening in 2014. (BK)