Police vehicle parks in traffic lane on Grenville Street
December 7, 2012

Police vehicle parks in traffic lane on Grenville Street

This marked police vehicle, from the Traffic Branch, was parked in the traffic lane on Grenville Street, Kingstown, in front of KFC downtown, around 9 p.m. Monday.{{more}}

No one was inside the vehicle, none of the lights were illuminated, and no police officers were seen in the area.

SEARCHLIGHT contacted the Traffic Branch of the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force by telephone on Wednesday.

The publication detailed to a senior traffic cop the details of the situation in the photo, but did not say that a police vehicle was involved.

The officer said, “According to the law, when you park your vehicle at night, there is supposed to be some light to illuminate clearly the vehicle, unless you are parked under a light pole.”

Asked if it was legal to park a vehicle where the police vehicle was parked, the official said:

“That area is not a parking area. It is a lane. Right away, the person commits an offence. Either he obstructs or hinders the traffic.”

Asked if it is legal for a police officer to park a vehicle in that place, the office said:

“Whether or not it is a police or a civilian, he (a person) can’t just park the vehicle there — if it is a case of emergency, we can understand; but, not because he (a person) is police, he (a person) doesn’t have a right to park there…”

Asked if a police vehicle parked in such a manner should be illuminated, the officer said:

“Well, depends on what they are doing.”

Several persons who saw the police vehicle parked in the lane on Grenville Street expressed their displeasure, with some noting that civilians are likely to be issued traffic offence tickets if they are caught parking in such a way.

“Yes, take a photo,” one young male commented. (kentonchance@searchlight.vc)