Gunmen rob passenger buses
December 7, 2012

Gunmen rob passenger buses

ASP Nichols: Don’t put yourself or passengers at unnecessary risk

Drivers and conductors of minibuses here have been advised not to put their lives and those of their passengers at risk in the event that they are robbed.{{more}}

Assistant Superintendent of Police (ASP) Jonathan Nichols issued the warning on Wednesday, while speaking to SEARCHLIGHT in relation to the recent spate of robberies committed against several minibuses during the past month.

Nichols, however, said that if persons are able to protect themselves without putting their lives at risk, they should do so.

“If you can defend yourself, then do that, but we the police are advising not to put yourself in any unnecessary danger. If they take a million dollars from you, at the end of the day the key thing is that you still have your life.

“In trying to protect your finances, we don’t want you to lose your life. So we do not advise anybody to be a hero and lose their life”, Nichols stated.

The ASP also requested that persons with information on these robberies make a report to the police in order that the culprits be apprended.

“When these robberies are committed, the robbers are not stupid, because they don’t come in front of the police or rob where a police officer may be located. And for most of the crimes, they are committed when police are absent.

“We depend on the eyes and ears of the public and once we can get that information in quick time and the sooner we get it, it’s the better,” he added.

Raymond John, owner and driver of minibus HU 125, which operates in Redemption Sharpes was a recent minibus robbery victim.

John told SEARCHLIGHT that his minibus was robbed at gunpoint by two masked individuals last Friday at 7:50 p.m. along the Lodge Village road.

He said over $500 was taken when one of the masked men grabbed the purse containing the money from the conductor, Delvert Lewis.

“It wasn’t even that late in the night. A van full of people and they all sat in the van and look on like it was a movie. People couldn’t believe what was happening.

“At first I didn’t realize what was happening, because I heard the conductor arguing with one of them and I thought he didn’t want to pay. So I said, leave he, it’s only a dollar.

“But never to know the man them robbing us,” John explained.

A tussle took place between the conductor and one of the robbers, but in the end, the two masked men got the upper hand and took off with the day’s earnings.

“The man dem came up in the van like any normal passenger and is like they had it all planned. Like they knew I didn’t put in diesel yet, so all the money was in the purse.

“When you look at it, sometimes it makes no sense risking your life over money eh, but it’s hard for another man to just come and take what you work so hard for. I just thank God I still have life,” John said.

“I too weak for them (thieves), but one day they will meet their conqueror,” he added.

SEARCHLIGHT understands another minibus was robbed last Saturday along the Montrose main road.

Reports indicate that robberies have also occurred in Vermont, Georgetown and along the Arnos Vale main road during the month of November and last week. (AA)