December 4, 2012
‘Farm workers are important’, says Agriculture Minister

Farm workers are as important as registered farmers as it relates to the development of the agricultural sector, says Minister of Agriculture Saboto Caesar.{{more}}

Farm workers outnumber the 6,500 registered farmers in St Vincent and the Grenadines, Caesar said at a ministry press conference in Kingstown on November 26.

“Sometimes we spend a lot of emphasis solely on the farmers … but we must never forget the farm workers. Because significantly, many of the farm workers do not own the mean of production — they do not own a parcel of land,” the minister said.

“They do not own a factor of production, but they sell their labour and in an effort to rebuild the agricultural sector. We have to pay key attention and critical work has to be put in to mobilize not only the farmers, but also the farm workers,” he further said. (AA)