December 4, 2012
DOT COM promises memorable Christmas for less fortunate

Dot Com’s Restaurant and Bar plans to make the weekend before Christmas in St Vincent a memorable one as they journey to different communities, distributing toys to children.{{more}}

“Toys for Tots” is a toy drive being carried out by the establishment and is geared at collecting 3,000 toys to distribute to less fortunate children in the island.

Stan Capiak, part owner of Dot Com’s Restaurant and Bar, has been living in St Vincent for over six years and says that the reason for the toy drive is simply a need to give back into the community where he lives.

“I didn’t want to have a big party in Arnos Vale where people bring their kids and meet Santa Claus and they get gifts,” Capiak said. “Because that would be people who could afford to drive.”

In order to reach the truly less fortunate children, the business plans to have a flatbed truck passing through the towns and villages.

Capiak told SEARCHLIGHT he has been working vigorously to acquire funds and toys for the cause.

“I’m also contacting international companies … such as Crayola, Wal-Mart, Hasbro,” the business owner said.

He also stated that besides commitments from international banks, approximately 30 toys and close to $2,000 has been acquired since collection started last week.

Additionally, Capiak said that the Ministry of Finance has generously granted a special concession for all toys coming in from international companies to be free of duties, levies and service charges.

Furthermore, Dot Com’s Restaurant and Bar is looking not only to support children, but local merchants as well.

Capiak said that the majority of toy purchases would be made locally.

“Our first purchase will be early next week with Jax,” he said. “… I’m hoping, buy five or six thousand dollars worth of toys, as much as we physically can buy the first time around.”

The establishment is hoping to work along with various ministries to pinpoint the different hotspots in St Vincent where less fortunate children are situated.

It is understood that once these children receive their toys, presents will then be given randomly to other children in the communities.

Cameron “Dotcom” Primus, also a part owner, will be outfitted as Santa Claus and will distribute presents to the children.

The flatbed is scheduled to pass through the windward and leeward sides of the island on the weekend before Christmas.

Capiak is encouraging the public to donate toys or funds in order to support this worthy cause.

Persons interested in making the venture a success can contact Dot Com’s and Tree House Bar at 456-6808, or the owners at 431-8114 and 433-5074.