Vincentian wins Caribbean Small  Business Ecademy contest on Facebook
November 30, 2012
Vincentian wins Caribbean Small Business Ecademy contest on Facebook

Tue, Nov 30, 2012

While many persons use Facebook mainly for socialization, Marslyn Lewis is using the networking site to market her business “Seafood Sensashon”, and in the process, has won her business money and support,{{more}} in a regional small business competition.

Earlier this month, Lewis, originally from Union Island, decided to enter her seafood business in a competition organized by the Caribbean Small Business Ecademy (CSBE), based in Antigua.

The rules were very simple: participants were required to post their Vision and Mission Statement to the CSBE’s Facebook page and try to get the most likes for their post. So, on November 12, she entered.

The competition itself was geared towards bringing out core business skills such as: Speed Of Implementation; Integrity in Business; It’s Not Just About The Money; Massive Action.

“It was very challenging; it required of me to spend a lot of time on Facebook, trying to motivate my friends to like my post,” Lewis said, when asked what it took to win.

“The experience, though, was very rewarding. I attracted likes from friends in Canada, USA, England, regionally and locally. I wish to thank God for the opportunity and all my friends who supported me. I wanted to quit, as it was taking a lot of my time and I had to balance time with my son and to cook and package products, but my son kept encouraging me, saying ‘you can do it; just remember the story with the rabbit and the turtle’.

On November 19, a winner was declared, and out of 28 small businesses across the Caribbean, Lewis got the most likes for “Seafood Sensashon” which stood at 516. She won herself US$500 in cash and US$500 worth of business support.

She told SEARCHLIGHT she plans to use the winnings in areas that will promote her products. Her products are: Conch Fritters, Conch Chowder, Curry Conch, Curry Whelks, Cream of Pumpkin Soup, Cream of Callaloo Soup and Shrimp Salad Mix. They are quick start meals that require a quick defrost of 5-10 minutes before serving.

Lewis operates from the Ratho Mill area and her long-term goal is to one day operate a fine dining restaurant. She can be contacted at 532-3911 or [email protected]