KPS retains KCCU primary school quiz champions title
November 30, 2012

KPS retains KCCU primary school quiz champions title

The duo of Jean Paul Baker and Nneka Mc Millan, representing the Kingstown Preparatory School, outpointed five other finalists to hold on to the title of Kingstown Co-operative Credit Union (KCCU) Primary School Quiz Champions, Saturday at the Methodist Church Hall in Kingstown.{{more}}

After the three rounds of competition — multiple choice, closed questioning and the buzzer round — in which the students were questioned on current affairs, general knowledge, sports and credit union matters, Baker and Mc Millan totalled 24 points to help their school retain the Thomas Saunders Challenge trophy.

Also part of the winnings, KPS is set to receive a printer, while the winning students gained for themselves a trophy each and $300 in savings.

Anthony Samuel, the teacher who was responsible for preparing the winning combination, said that the hosting of internal quizzes assisted in fine-tuning the two participants.

Samuel also revealed that the parents of Baker and Mc Millan were instrumental in their preparations from the preliminary round on November 17 at the St Vincent Grammar School.

Taking the second spot was the Biabou Methodist School, represented by Ajana Cain and Jenique Nichols. The two compiled 21 points to secure the second place trophies and $250 in savings.

Kemi Ann Roberts and Kalanna Delpesche of Fancy Government School placed third with 19 points.

Roberts and Delpesche gained a trophy each and $200 in savings.

Their eventual placing, however, came after a square-off with St Mary’s Roman Catholic School’s representatives Ethan Myers and Delcan Nedd in a tie- breaker.

Fourth place Myers and Nedd, along with the fifth place Zeshaunte Dalton and Enrique Lee of the Barrouallie Government and sixth place Langley Park Government, who were represented by Krishnel Rodgers and Aviann Fergus, received $150 each in savings.

The Barrouallie Government ended with 13 points and Langley Park Government, 6 points.(RT)