November 30, 2012
Concession on barrels, parcels limited to three per household

A limit has been placed on the number of barrels and parcels Vincentians may import at concessionary rates this Christmas.{{more}}

For the period November 12 to December 31, households in St Vincent and the Grenadines will be allowed to import a maximum of three pieces at the reduced rates. All additional pieces will be charged at the regular fee.

A customs official told SEARCHLIGHT that during the duty-free period, small parcels and barrels, containing clothing and foodstuff, would cost the recipient $15, while larger parcels and barrels would cost $25.

Extra pieces will be charged 42.6 per cent of the assessed customs value of the barrel, which is usually determined by its content. The fee includes import duty, customs service charge and Value Added Tax (VAT).

In 2011, 30,700 barrels came to St Vincent and the Grenadines, with 13,199 entering during the Christmas season.

The previous year, 11,165 of the 27,685 barrels entered during the Christmas concession period.