South Central Windward poultry farmers paid
November 27, 2012

South Central Windward poultry farmers paid

Poultry farmers in South Windward whose slaughter yielded 6,615 pounds of chicken two weeks ago were paid Thursday.{{more}}

The 36 farmers received a total of EC$15,000 during a short ceremony at the North Union Farmers’ Market.

It is the second major payout for the project, which offers farmers 50 per cent of the money generated from the sale of the poultry.

Farmers’ utility bills are paid from the money generated and the remaining cash is paid to them.

The remaining 50 per cent is re-invested in the purchasing of birds and feed for the next cycle.

The first payment of this amount was made on October 2.

Sasha Toby, a resident of Diamonds, has been involved in the project from the initial start in July.

“This is the second time I am receiving payment and it is a very good thing for those of us who were unemployed,” Toby told SEARCHLIGHT after receiving her payment.

Another beneficiary of the project is Gishorn Peters of Lowmans Windward.

Peters, 23, said he was unemployed before getting involved in rearing chickens under the project.

“It’s a good project for anyone to get involved in. I am a young man who was unemployed and since I started in July I collect a good set of money and I am happy for that,” he said.

The chickens slaughtered from the project are sold exclusively to Palm Island Resort and to date over 10,000 lbs of chicken have been sold. (AA)