Police deny kidnapping claims by New Montrose man
November 27, 2012

Police deny kidnapping claims by New Montrose man

Police have rebutted claims by a New Montrose man that cops took him from Kingstown to Argyle and left him there during the wee hours of the morning, on November 9.{{more}}

A November 23 report in The News newspaper said Osborne Jack, 26, claimed that persons in vehicle R1734, who he believed to be police, stopped him on three occasions while he was walking from his Campden Park home to get to his former workplace, Nature’s Best Bakery, at Arnos Vale, for 3 a.m.

He said on the first two occasions, the persons in the vehicle asked him where he was going and what he had in his bag. He said he explained that he was going to work and had coffee and clothes in his bag.

Jack said the occupants of the vehicle did not identify themselves, The News further reported.

He said on the second occasion he saw “Police” written on the clothes of one of the individuals.

On November 9, Jack said while in the vicinity of the Lions’ building in Kingstown, the same vehicle, which had about five occupants, again stopped him. He said he was again asked where he was going. He said he told them that he was fed up of the harassment.

He said he was then held and thrown in the back of the vehicle, driven to Peruvian Vale and told to walk to where he was going.

He claimed that he walked back to Arnos Vale, arriving there after 6 a.m., causing his employers to send him back home.

He said he was dismissed the following Monday.

However, a release from the Royal St Vincent and the Grenadines Police Force (RSVPF) yesterday said that a preliminary investigation into Jack’s complaint revealed that on November 9, Jack arrived at his workplace at 3 a.m.

“This is proven by a time sheet provided by the bakery’s management, which shows that Jack had arrived at work by 3 a.m. on Friday, November 9, 2012, and left at 12:10 p.m., said day. According to management, this time was entered in Jack’s own handwriting.

“Management further revealed that Jack was fired from his job for reasons other than that which he stated,” the release said.

There is also a discrepancy in relation to the license plate of the vehicle, which Jack said was used by the persons harassing him. The report in The News says Jack gave the license plate as R1734, while the release from the police says R1735.

“Commissioner of Police, Mr Keith Miller, confirms that on no occasion motor vehicle R1735 was used by the Police and checks with officials at the Licensing Office indicate that there is no such vehicle registered at the Department.”

Inspector Hawkins Nanton of the Police Public Relations & Complaints Department told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday that the license plate number given to the police by Jack, when he made his report to them on November 19, was R1735.

The RSVPF have given the assurance that a thorough investigation will be conducted into the matter.