Injury to Opposition Leader’s shoulder worse than he thought
November 27, 2012
Injury to Opposition Leader’s shoulder worse than he thought

The injury to Opposition Leader Arnhim Eustace’s shoulder is worse than he thought and would affect his participation in the Estimates tomorrow, and Budget, next week, he said yesterday.{{more}}

Eustace injured his left shoulder during a New Democratic Party (NDP) protest march and rally in on November 8.

He was initially treated at the Milton Cato Memorial Hospital and discharged.

But he was hospitalised last week because of the injury.

“I was released from the hospital yesterday — Sunday,” he said in a call to the NDP’s “New Times” programme on NICE Radio, yesterday.

“I have been there for the last five days or so, trying to get some treatment on the injury I received during the rally … It has been a very difficult time and I still have quite a bit of treatment to undergo,” he further said.

He said that his recovery was “coming along slowly”, but that it has also been painful.

“… It has been a relatively difficult time from a health perspective from this last injury. It is something much more than I thought originally, but I am trying to cope with it … But it will take a longer time than I anticipated and therefore affect my participation one way or the other in the Estimates and the Budget. Because it is indeed very, very painful,” the East Kingstown representative said.

Eustace said he was being treated with a combination of painkillers and injections.

The Leader of the Opposition injured his shoulder during the march from NDP headquarters to Sion Hill.

He explained then that he was injured as he was making his way forward and was struck from behind by a vendor’s trolley.

Eustace further explained that he was pushed forward and as he fell, his arm got entangled in a piece of rope and as a result, he was dragged for about 30 feet and his shoulder was completely pulled from the socket. (DD)