VINLEC debuts ‘Energenie’ at energy awareness exhibition
November 23, 2012

VINLEC debuts ‘Energenie’ at energy awareness exhibition

A device that measures how much electricity an electronic appliance uses is one of the items on display,{{more}} at VINLEC’s energy awareness exhibition currently taking place in Kingstown.

At the official launch of the exhibition, housed at the old Voyager building on Halifax Street, VINLEC Chief Executive Officer Thornley Myers presented the device, called the Energenie, which he says monitors energy consumption and more.

“When the appliance is connected to this device, it allows us to be able to measure the instantaneous power, that is, the power that the device is taking at every instant,” Myers explained.

“It would also be able to measure on a continuous basis, how much energy the device is consuming while it is in operation.

“So, if the refrigerator or the deep freeze or the television is connected to the device over a one month period, it will tell you exactly how much energy that device has consumed.

“We’ve also programmed it to tell you how much that energy will cost,” he added.

Myers also detailed another feature of the device, which he said costs the equivalent of about $75.

It is not available for sale by VINLEC.

“For those of you who are environmentally conscious, it will also allow you to be able to know how much kilograms of carbon dioxide has been emitted into the atmosphere, as a result of how much energy has been consumed.”

According to Myers, all appliances on display at the exhibition will be connected to the device, so that visitors can get an ideal reading of their energy consumption.

He said that one of the main objectives of the energy awareness campaign is to inform electricity consumers of some of the better electronics on the market, in their quest to conserve energy and save money.

Appliances for the exhibition were supplied by a number of businesses, including Courts St Vincent Limited, Trotmans Electronics, Finishing and Furnishing, Y De Lima St Vincent limited, ACES Caribbean and CD Veira Limited, popularly known as Singer.

The CEO lauded these companies for their participation in the exercise.

“They do this even though we have indicated to them quite clearly what we are about to do, and that the items will be on display with those of their competitors. We do believe that they are as interested about energy efficiency as we are, and have placed not only their appliances to the scrutiny of Vincentians, but also their trust in us to be fair and impartial in the exercise that we are embarking on,” he said.

The appearance of the venue for the eight to ten week exhibition is expected to be transformed on a regular basis, as different messages and energy saving tips for customers are displayed, Myers added.

Myers urged the entire electricity using population to make an effort to visit the exhibition, which he said is his company’s way of showing its commitment to customers, not only in the supply of electricity, but also in the conservation of energy and the saving of their hard earned money.

“If we, as a company, can educate our customers so that they use electricity more wisely, certainly in the future, the amount of money we would need to expend for the importation of fuel could be reduced. Let us all work together to ensure that our customers our nation benefit from this exercise.”(JJ)