November 20, 2012
PM: Politics, policy making not a branch of the entertainment industry

Persons wishing to comment on political issues should have the “matrix of facts” before doing so, Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves said on Friday, while addressing workers at the Campden Park Port.{{more}}

The Prime Minister jabbed at radio announcers and DJs, whom, he said, most times make unsupported declarations.

“Now, a lot of times, you hear discussions by DJs who consider themselves experts at pontificating on large developmental issues”, the prime minister said.

“A DJ can tell me whether he prefers Sizzla or whether he prefers Vybz Kartel or Mavado, and about Gaza and Gully, but don’t – please — step out of you area or expertise, and advise me on the economy and the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines.”

Gonsalves suggested that these persons are entitled to an opinion, which, he said, they should make after being educated with the relevant information, pertaining to the issue.

“This is not an arrogant assertion of expertise,” he said.

“This is just saying if I want to find out about the properties of this machine, I listen to my brother … I’m intelligent enough to listen to what he has to say, but at least we must have the matrix of facts.

“Because you see in these times, as always, let us understand this: that politics and policy making are serious business for serious people; they are not a branch of the entertainment industry,” the prime minister said.