‘Bigger Biggs’ willing to apologise to Gov’t
November 20, 2012
‘Bigger Biggs’ willing to apologise to Gov’t

Businessman Leon “Bigger Biggs” Samuel says he does not know what he has done to offend the ruling Unity Labour Party administration, but is willing to apologise in order to end his “suffering”.{{more}}

The Government, in February 2011, revoked Samuel’s licence to mine aggregate at Rabacca, saying his operations violated the terms of the agreement.

And Samuel on Thursday stood outside the House of Assembly building in Kingstown — while Parliament was in session — bearing a placard, which said, among other things, “when will Bigger be getting back his mining licence”.

He told SEARCHLIGHT he has put all the necessary measures in place for his mining plant to operate within the required standards, and was awaiting the approval of the authorities to recommence the operations of his business.

“The Bible says you can sin without knowing that you sinned, so that is the reason you need to pray all the time.

“So, if I might have committed some sort of sin against the government not knowingly, because the mere fact is that I am suffering and I need to get back my mining licence.

“This is one of the most important aspects of my business. Without this, … is like the rest of my business is virtually dead,” Samuel told SEARCHLIGHT.

Samuel further said he is committed to give up any sort of pride to get the matter resolved.

He said 95 per cent of his workforce has been sent home as a result of the mining licence being revoked.

“My workers and I have lost our livelihood and we are suffering tremendously.

“I used to have a base staff of 45, but only two persons have remained and are employed in my poultry operations. Not to say that I didn’t want to keep all my workers, but those who left were more involved in the actual mining and hence with the poultry business I cannot accommodate such a large staff,” he added.

Samuel also said some members of the public say the decision to revoke the licence is because of political reasons.

“I am not a supporter of any party. What I believe in is the development of St Vincent and the Grenadines. And any party that has the positive development of this country at heart, I am for that party and that is all I want to say…”

He further reiterated that he is a businessman, not a politician, a point he made in a previous interview with SEARCHLIGHT.

Samuel said he has lost millions of dollars because of the revocation of his mining licence, but said he believes he would regain his livelihood.

“I will continue to wait … because the way the business was shut down was done in a smart and technical way by the government.

“So, I can’t take them to court to get the matter redressed. The government is the one who have the legislative power to deal with this matter,” he further explained.

“How can I recover from this? I believe in the almighty and I look at myself as a young man still and I believe I have the strength; if given the opportunity I will rebuild my business,” Samuel stated. (AA)