Missing man’s family believe he’s dead
November 16, 2012

Missing man’s family believe he’s dead

Relatives of Gidroy “Doon” Roberts, who has been missing since June this year, say that they have come to accept that the 33-year-old man is dead.{{more}}

But they say that they are unhappy with the manner in which the investigation was carried out and are looking for some closure to put the issue to rest.

“We want the perpetrators to be brought to justice,” Clarena Roberts-Sam, mother of the missing man, told SEARCHLIGHT on Tuesday.

“They just took him at least they could have let me bury him,” she continued.

Clarena and sister Weena Roberts say that they believe that Gidroy’s death was brushed off by the police because he was perceived to have been involved in the drug trade, something both women have refuted, based on the items discovered at his home.

“From the police perspective, we didn’t get no help whatsoever … everytime we go to CID (Criminal Investigations Department) we got sent back to Barrouallie,” the woman explained.

She said that when members of the family entered the house occupied by the young man, they found items, which included his bank book, a bed, an old refrigerator and a 14-inch flat screen television, which Weena said was the only thing decent discovered in the house.

“There was nothing in there that suggested that there were items that was the proceeds of crime,” the woman said.

“Since June, we made a report and we still haven’t heard anything since,” Weena Roberts said. One of the things that bothers her is the thought that her nephew’s death will probably not be included in the list of this year’s homicides.

“We are looking for closure and for whoever did it to come forward, because it has been five months and it has been five months of sleepless nights,” she said.

“People should have a heart and police should not be so biased, because everybody are citizens of St Vincent and the Grenadines and if you are for one, you have to care for all,” Weena Roberts continued.

Perhaps he may have been associating himself with the wrong crowd, she said, but that was no excuse to treat him the way the authorities had.

“He is not an animal, he is a human and he deserve better than that.”

She too called for those responsible for her nephew’s death to come forward, saying that she hoped that their conscience will “beat them” after they think about the fact that they have destroyed a life.

“It’s not easy…even if we had found the remains, but just to disappear completely without a trace is really, really hard,” said Weena

The women, in an interview back in June, told SEARCHLIGHT that Gidroy went missing in May.

His mother said then that her son had been involved in an altercation with another individual a few months before he went missing. (DD)