November 13, 2012

PM seeking cheaper, cleaner source of energy for Vincentians

The Government of St Vincent and the Grenadines is this year moving towards harvesting renewable energy.{{more}}

On November 8, Prime Minister Ralph Gonsalves signed an agreement with the Clinton Foundation (under the Clinton Climate Initiative) to provide the technical and financial support as this country explores for geothermal energy.

The prime minister met with Ira Magazine, chair of the Clinton Climate Initiative.

Gonsalves said this step towards exploring alternative sources of energy puts SVG in a unique and advantageous position, since it means that harvesting geothermal energy would be a cheaper and cleaner source of energy for Vincentians.

The Prime Minister expressed his satisfaction with the collaboration, remarking that SVG shares a long-standing relationship with the foundation and its founder, former United States president Bill Clinton.

Gonsalves added that the support the government is receiving through this initiative to explore for a sustainable form of energy, is being done as a show of international solidarity.

Meanwhile, Magazine said their focus is to create a sustainable form of renewable energy in the region.

He added that the foundation would lobby in the interest of SVG when dealing with companies that wish to invest in the exploration.

Magazine said that when dealing with investors, the host country does not always get a fair bargain.

He, however, said the Clinton Foundation’s role in this venture would ensure that SVG benefits fully from the exploration.

The project is expected to transform the energy sector, making SVG more energy efficient and less dependent on traditional sources of energy.

Gonsalves said the project will begin immediately, once all the plans are finalized.

Following the signing of the agreement, Gonsalves, along with officials from the energy sector and representatives of the Clinton Foundation, met with investors of the energy company Emera-Reykjavik Geothermal.

Exploration will begin on the western side of Mount La Soufriere.

The Clinton Foundation focuses on a number of global issues including climate change, environment sustainability, HIV/AIDS and information communication technology.

Recently the Foundation was instrumental in a number of programmes, including providing affordable anti-retroviral drugs for the Caribbean region.