NICE Radio appeal not a political issue – De Freitas
November 13, 2012
NICE Radio appeal not a political issue – De Freitas

Financial contributions to the Save NICE Radio appeal is not a political issue says station owner, Douglas De Freitas.{{more}}

Since the launch of the appeal two weeks ago, persons locally and overseas have donated an estimated EC$100,000 towards the initiative.

“The amount of Labour Party supporters that I know who have brought money directly to me to help pay the funds was amazing,” De Freitas told SEARCHLIGHT yesterday.

The appeal was initiated by lawyer Kay Bacchus-Browne and community activist Junior Bacchus, following a 2009 court judgement that awarded Prime Minister Dr Ralph Gonsalves $250,000 in damages because of comments broadcast on NICE Radio eight years ago, by Elwardo “E.G.” Lynch, host of the New Democratic Party sponsored “New Times” programme.

Since the lawsuit, no money has been paid and as a result, interest at the rate of six per cent has accrued.

“Considering the economic climate in St Vincent and the Grenadines, the support has been overwhelming and I am really thankful for the support.

“It’s a clear indication of a democratic voice towards the issue … The people are supporting what they believe is necessary to support,” De Freitas said.

“I am happy that Vincentians are willing to stand up for what they believe in,” he added.

Meanwhile, Junior Bacchus said he is still at a loss for words regarding the support towards the appeal.

“I couldn’t believe that within two weeks we could have raised over $100,000. It’s beyond remarkable,” he told SEARCHLIGHT in a separate interview yesterday.

Bacchus also said the appeal is not a political venture, but more of a “national issue”.

“It’s not just about the $250,000. It’s about protecting freedom. It’s a message that Vincentians will not stand idly by and allow that freedom to be taken away just like that.

“People are supporting from across the board. A considerable number of ULP supporters have personally made contact to make contributions towards the fund,” Bacchus further stated. (AA)