Dabreo publishes collection of poems: ‘My First Step’
November 13, 2012
Dabreo publishes collection of poems: ‘My First Step’

“My First Step” is the title given to a collection of poems recently published in St Vincent by a senior bailiff at Lands and Surveys Department.{{more}}

Angus DaBreo said that from a young age, writing has always been his hobby and that he continues to do it in his leisure time.

The recently published book offers to readers a selection of poems themed around life, religion and secularism.

DaBreo also pointed out one of his favourite poems as “The Drums” and indicated that the poem pays homage to African heritage, the preference for drums and a way in which they communicated with each other.

Although DaBreo’s book is not in stores as yet, it is his hope to work with some local bookstores in order to sell them.

“I’m hoping to go by Jujube or Nightingale,” he said.

However, DaBreo said that copies are available, and interested persons should contact him at email address: [email protected]

He says that the books would retail at EC 20 dollars.

The title, ‘My First Step’, is symbolic of the book being DaBreo’s first publication.

“It’s my first step in getting this done,” he said. “I’m hoping to do more publications as time goes by.”

He is encouraging the public to support local endeavours, and sees it as a way of setting the economy in motion.

“Help us who are building our culture, our writing, our literacy,” DaBreo said.

The printing of the book was done at Galaxy Print Ltd in Beachmont.