Vincentian diaspora holds Independence celebration in Northern Ireland
November 9, 2012

Vincentian diaspora holds Independence celebration in Northern Ireland

The Consulate for St Vincent and the Grenadines (SVG) to Northern Ireland and Vincentian British Forces Wives/Women’s Association (VBFWA) held an evening reception to commemorate SVG’s 33rd year of Independence.{{more}}

The event was held at Palace Barracks, Headquarters of the 2 Mercian Regiment Infantry Division with the following Vincentian army personnel based with their families and serving in Northern Ireland: Cpl Winston Lewis, Pte Rohan Sterling (Redemption Sharpes), Pte Imron Goodluck (Biabou), Pte Zachary Joseph (Stubbs), Pte Jando Durrant (Campden Park), Pte Akeem Alexis (New Montrose), Pte Lenroy Westfield (Junction), Pte Keba Butler (Park Hill), Pte Akeem Anderson (Cane Garden), Pte Andris Richardson (Barrouallie), Pte Brenton Hoyte (Sandy Bay/Rillan Hill), Pte Michael Greene (Calliaqua/ Prospect), Pte Linton Peters (Biabou), Adonis Browne (Lowman’s Wd).

A large proportion of the Vincentian diaspora in the United Kingdom, including Northern Ireland, is attached to the British Army, resultant from the work of the SVG Ministry of Foreign Affairs, SVG High Commission in London and the SVG Consulate in Northern Ireland’s recruitment initiatives for employment. A special mention of SVG Ministry of Foreign Affairs officials: former Minister/Deputy Prime Minister – Sir Louis Straker, Current Minister – Dr Douglas Slater, High Commisioner – H.E. Cenio Lewis and Senior Protocol Officer – Earl Paynter for their individual efforts.

Yolande Robertson-Greene welcomed all Vincentians, other Caribbean nationals, military and government officials, members of the Consular Corps and well wishers to the Independence event, followed by a prayer from Minister Stephen Bumwoody and the SVG National Anthem. Dr Christopher Stange – Hon. Consul for St Vincent and the Grenadines, delivered an address on behalf of the SVG Government, conveying sentiments from Governor General – Sir Frederick Ballantyne, Prime Minister – Dr Ralph Gonsalves, Foreign Minister – Dr Douglas Slater, Cabinet and High Commissioner to the UK – H.E. Cenio Lewis.

A vote of thanks was provided by Wenique Allen to end the formalities and the start of a Vincentian banquet of peanut/coconut cake, sweet bread, callaloo soup, doughboy and saltfish, doucana, boiled corn and pigtail, pelau, stew pork, macaroni pie and salads, with refreshments of mauby, sorrel, ginger beer, linseed and fruit juices.

Entertainment was in the form of Vincentian storytelling, poetry, open mic, karaoke and a domino/draft tournament.