Hinds: Conference will empower, rejuvenate every woman
November 9, 2012
Hinds: Conference will empower, rejuvenate every woman

Although it will not get rid of all the problems women face, it is anticipated that it will be the first step forward in the process of getting help.{{more}}

This is the promise of Karen Hinds, the person behind the vision and the “Phenomenal Woman” Conference which will be held on April 13, 2013.

“It is about giving women the information that they need to empower them to become the best person they can.

“Every woman who comes in is in for the time of her life,” Hinds told members of the media Tuesday, at the official media launch of the one-day conference.

The conference is for every woman, regardless of career, or walk of life, Hinds said, adding that she came up with the idea after coming to the realization that she has had so many opportunities to attend similar functions and events, which are designed to empower and rejuvenate.

“…and I wanted to share this opportunity with the women in St Vincent,” she said.

And one of the reasons for wanting to share this experience is in order to build a community of women where they can come together and share their experiences.

“The conference will feature real women, with real life stories, telling us how we can succeed in life…it is designed for women to rejuvenate their spirits and also help them to stay grounded spiritually,” Hinds explained.

Among those who will present at the one-day event are Karen Hinds; Rosanne Small-Morgan – comedienne, counselor, public speaker and columnist; Allison Demers Campagna – news director, public service director and television reporter and Jenifer Jacquelin Johnson – retired school-teacher and chair of the Women’s Commission for the Barbados Evangelical Association.

Hinds said that other speakers will also be present, including some men because she feels it is important for women to understand that men, are important in their lives as well and it is expected that the conference will feature a man who will speak to the value of a woman.

Violence against women will be one issue looked at. However, Hinds indicated that other issues will also be addressed, including those relating to low self-esteem, and critical issues which are related to being a mother, wife or single parent.

“Setting goals…some women are so focused on their families, that they overlook themselves,” Hinds said.

“So, it is a one-day escape for women to really take a look at their life and take stock of what is going on,” Hinds said.

Following the conference, participants will have the opportunity to view two additional classes online to continue the learning process; other methods of disseminating the information will be given for those without access to the Internet.

It is expected that the event will become an annual one and it is Hinds’s hope that it will break down some of the barriers holding the women of this country from reaching their full potential.

Hinds also explained that it is the hope that some women would be able to find comfort in others to be able to engage in dialogue and for women to have access to organizations which may offer services that they require.

Persons wishing to attend will be required to pay a $129 registration fee; however, Hinds said that she anticipates a full auditorium at the Methodist Church Hall.

A small donation will be made to Marion House from the proceeds gathered from the conference, Hinds said. (DD)