Digicel launches latest promotion: ‘Smile’
November 9, 2012

Digicel launches latest promotion: ‘Smile’

The latest Digicel promotion is dubbed ‘Smile’ and that’s exactly what customers did on Friday, November 2, when the promotion was launched in fine style throughout St Vincent and the Grenadines.{{more}}

To be part of this newest promotion, that like all the others is aimed at helping customers get the most out of their dollar, customers must dial the short code *137# before attempting to top up their prepaid handsets. A series of prompts would then enable the customer to choose which ‘Smile’ package they want to access, while the ‘Smile’ packages are only available upon the first top up of the day, a release from Digicel said.

Explaining the Smile packages on Friday, Marketing Manager at Digicel Juno DeRoche said that every prepaid customer will get something to smile about once they top up as specified in the promotion.

The first letter in the word smile, ‘S’, speaks to SMS or text messages. Persons choosing this aspect of ‘Smile’ must use the short code —*137# — then top up $10. By doing this that customer will get $10 free credit, along with their EC$10 top up. The free credit is for sending text messages to local Digicel numbers. It must, however, be noted that the free credit expires 24 hours after top up and persons can dial *120*10# to check the free credit balance.

The ‘M’ in smile talks of a ‘Magic Number’. Persons opting into ‘M’ must use the short code —*137#—then top up $15 and as a result will get $15 free credit for magic number calls. A magic number is any local Digicel number and the free credit expires 24 hours after top up. Persons can Dial *120*7# to check the free credit balance.

The ‘I’ in ‘Smile’ refers to international calls and after entering the short code —*137#— persons must top up $20 and as a result they will get $20 free credit for international calls to one number of their choice. Calls can be made to UK fixed lines, USA, Canada, USVI and Puerto Rico while free credit expires 24 hours after top up. Dial *120*7# to check free credit balance.

The ‘L’ refers to local calls. After keying in the short code —*137#— persons must top up $25 and get $25 free credit for making local calls to any Digicel number. It must be noted that this free credit expires 24 hours after top up and one must dial *120*8# to check free credit balance.

The final letter ‘E’ refers to ‘Extra Bonus’. This will see persons who use the short code—*137#— then top up $30, getting 10 per cent bonus credit to do anything. Doing anything refers to making calls, sending text messages (SMS), activating internet service and more. Dial *120# to check the balance.

“When it comes to innovative promotions, Digicel has always led the way; this is just another that is designed to retain that smile on our customers’ faces,” said Marketing Manager DeRoche on Friday.

She added that in the ‘SMILE’ promotion, each letter of the word gives a clue to what service is highlighted and what is available for the customer by way of bonus.

DeRoche stressed “no promotion has given more value to every customer than this one will, while giving them the choice as to how they will, enjoy it.”

Marketing Executive at Digicel Justin John said that this promotion is extremely flexible and would allow customers to able to choose the one Digicel number they wish to spend their bonus credit on for the day, whether local or international.

John added “while this promotion is running, our other promotion ‘Free After 3’ will still be applicable for customers who chose not to join the Smile promotion. So smile or not, Digicel customers will continue to receive unrivalled value from innovative promotions.”

This promotion comes on the heels of ‘Crack the Code’. On Friday, Desmond McCree of Union Island won EC$30,000 in the Digicel Crack the Code grand finale.