November 9, 2012

Climate change community survey to be carried out in Bequia

The Sir Arthur Lewis Institute of Social and Economic Studies of the University of the West Indies, in collaboration with the Telfer School of Management,{{more}} University of Ottawa, Canada, and the Paget Farm Sports, Cultural and Environmental Organization will be conducting a survey to determine the potential impact of climate change, and in particular of rising sea levels, on the population of Bequia. The survey also wishes to understand the views of the residents of Bequia on environmental issues affecting the community.

Enumerators shall be visiting households over the period November through early December and the residents of Bequia are asked to cooperate with them in this exercise. All enumerators shall be issued with appropriate ID, which they must provide before the conduct of the survey.

The survey results will provide guidance for future public awareness programmes, policy development, an environmental plan for Bequia and a wider national environmental plan. The knowledge obtained will also allow the relevant authorities to take appropriate measures to adapt to and even minimize the negative impacts identified, which will be to the benefit of all the citizens of Bequia.