Students bullying teachers too – SVGTU President
November 6, 2012
Students bullying teachers too – SVGTU President

Some of the nation’s students continue to threaten their teachers.

And Oswald Robinson, president of the St Vincent and the Grenadines Teachers Union,{{more}}said that there was an incident recently where the executive had to write to the Ministry of Education to resolve an issue at a school.

Speaking to the media yesterday, Robinson explained that the incident involved a student who constantly threatened teachers and inflicted bodily harm on other students.

“The issue of bullying is not only limited to student to student. There are students who actually attack teachers … But you don’t hear much about these things,” Robinson said.

“There are students that come to schools and are still a threat to teachers and their classmates,” he added.

He said that as president of the union he was forced to advocate for the health and safety of teachers in schools.

SEARCHLIGHT reported an incident at the Bethel High School in Campden Park last year, when students, reportedly members of rival gangs, beat two teachers there.

In that incident, a student beat teacher Kenson Wilson after he tried to prevent the student from harming another.

Reports indicate that Wilson was pushed down some stairs and as he attempted to get up, another teacher had to rush past him to prevent another male student from hitting Wilson on the back of his head with a piece of wood.

The students, who were being led to the principal’s office, attacked Wilson and the other teacher.

That matter was reported to the police. (DD)